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International Life Science Support Services

We enable early stage companies to expand and rapidly increase value whilst retaining full control of assets

The opportunity

Europe offers a highly lucrative market  opportunity, representing 22% of global pharma sales, and high unmet needs, particularly for orphan drugs. Of +600 approved by FDA, only +100 have European approval.

The problem

Up until now, a critical decision has been: to retain and maximise asset value, but with high implementational risk into unfamiliar and complex territories, or give up much control and value by out-licensing to an established industry partner?

Unique Solution

The Bridgehead group provides highly experienced, well established, specialist advisors and service providers for all critical aspects of market assessment, planning, coordination and operational implementation.

Why Bridgehead?

The Bridgehead group Advisors and Partners work with a wide range of life science companies, from pre-clinical start-ups to top 20 pharma companies in the US and Europe.

"We are a small, clinical-stage company, and we have exciting phase II data, but the truth is we don’t have the market insights, or the time, to plan an effective strategy outside of the US"

– CEO Orphan drug biotech , Boston

Experienced Advisors and Partners

The Bridgehead group has over twenty Advisors and Partners with several hundred employees in the US and Europe

Advisors and Partners

Our Advisors and Partners have extensive experience across all areas of clinical and commercial development, from early-stage through to full US and European roll-out.

Dr. Laurence Callow is Chief Executive of the Bridgehead group, and a Senior Partner at Bailey Montagu.

Laurence is highly experienced in business development, partnering and leadership, with an extensive senior network across international markets. He has held senior leadership positions internationally with Bridgehead, Bailey Montagu, Mead Johnson, J & J and Pfizer.

Richard McIntyre (Cello, PA Consulting, BMS, PwC, GSK) 

Richard has over 25 years industry experience and has held senior roles consulting to and working for many Global life science companies. He has extensive experience in transforming commercial operations. Richard has held senior positions in major pharmaceutical companies including GSK and Bristol-Myers Squibb

Kurt Hawtin (Syneos, Pfizer)

Kurt is a Board level executive with 20 years biopharmaceuticals and professional services career holding senior leadership and general management roles in both the USA and European markets. Most recent experience hasfocused on guiding small biotech and biopharma companies on launch strategy and readiness in Europe, as Head of Europe for Syneos.

Anna Casse is a Managing Partner at Alacrita

Anna is a Global Biotech executive and entrepreneur with broad experience of building successful businesses An Advisor and investor in biotech start-ups, pioneer and general manager of European launch projects. Anna has held senior roles in global marketing and business development with Aegerion, Ariad, Sandoz, and Novartis.

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