About BTN Europe and The BTN Group

The BTN Group (Business Travel News, Business Travel News Europe, Travel Procurement and The Beat) is the leading global source of business travel and meeting information, news, data, analysis and research serving the $1.4 trillion business travel industry. Our audience of corporate travel managers, procurement/sourcing executives and travel management professionals purchase/manage billions of dollars of business travel and meetings annually and they are responsible for setting travel/meeting policy on behalf of their company and organization. The BTN Group produces over forty annual conferences, events and tradeshows creating the ideal environment for corporate travel/meeting buyers and suppliers to connect through education and networking. The BTN Group Content Solutions division produces custom webinars, research, white papers, newsletters, case studies and more for suppliers.

BTN Europe is the leading source of information, news, features, data, and research for corporate travel managers and travel management professionals. BTN Europe is published six-times annually and has a UK and EMEA circulation of 17,000 who are responsible for setting travel/meeting policy and purchase/manage business travel/meetings globally on behalf for their company and organization.

BusinessTravelNewsEurope.com is the go-to information hub for 30,000 unique visitors monthly and our twice-weekly BTNEurope enewsletter reaches 14,000 opt-in subscribers.

For over 37 years, Business Travel News has been providing business travel and meeting professionals with news, analysis, and research. BTN is published monthly and has six annual research issues including the Business Travel Buyer’s Handbook, Corporate Travel Index, Corporate Travel 100 and more. Its circulation of 44,000 corporate executives are responsible for setting travel policy, managing and buying business travel/meetings for their companies. BTN’s digital portfolio includes; BTN Daily, BTN Global, BTN Travel Management and the industry’s leading website.

Travel Procurement is the leading information source for procurement and purchasing professionals who are responsible for setting travel policy, managing and buying business travel/meetings on behalf of their company. Travel Procurement is a quarterly magazine with a circulation of 13,000, and a monthly newsletter with a circulation of 10,000, that addresses the news and information needs of business travel and meeting procurement professionals by providing trends, case studies, market intelligence, analysis and benchmarks that procurement experts need to source, procure, fulfill, measure, evaluate and report.

The Beat is the must-read source for senior-level corporate travel professionals, providing breaking news, insightful views and compelling interviews on corporate travel distribution, travel management and technology for over 14 years. The Beat serves an audience of more 10,000 through its paid-subscription newsletter and website. The Beat also produces The Beat Live, an annual conference that brings together more than 125 senior travel executives.

News gathering and reporting
• BTN Europe reporters will always test the accuracy of information from all sources, give the subjects of articles an opportunity to respond, and seek both official and unofficial voices.
• BTN Europe will provide contributors anonymity when discussing sensitive subjects when appropriate.
• BTN Europe will tell important stories even when they are unpopular.
• BTN Europe will label commentary or analysis as such, to distinguish between advocacy and news reporting.
• BTN Europe will admit mistakes where they occur and correct them promptly.
PR embargoes
• BTN Europe is happy to respect news embargoes when we have agreed to do so in advance of receipt of the embargoed news item/s in questions.
• Any material provided in absence of an embargo agreement or provided with an embargo but without prior agreement to it may be used for publication.
External relationships
• BTN Europe will always clearly distinguish editorial content from advertising and sponsored content.
• BTN Europe will disclose unavoidable conflicts and make it known when hospitality has been accepted as part of an editorial agreement to, for example, attend an event or conference.
• BTN Europe will allow editorial decisions to be made only by editorial staff.
• BTN Europe editorial staff should handle complains on editorial matters.
• BTN Europe will not give preferential treatment in editorial coverage to advertisers and investors or to potential advertisers and investors.
• BTN Europe will only provide preview of editorial material before publication if there is an agreement established with the editor prior to any reporting or interview.
• BTN Europe editorial staff will not write, edit, design or otherwise create any content for advertisements or sponsored content.
• BTN Europe maintains a clear-cut delineation between advertising and editorial matters at all times.
• BTN Europe editors should not undertake any outside employment or enter into any paid or unpaid association with advertisers, editorial information sources or readers that in any way could result in conflict of interest.
Gifts & hospitality
• BTN Europe editorial staff should not generally accept gifts from sources, customers or advertisers – a general guideline is that if you can’t consume it in an hour, a gift should be refused. Modest, branded or souvenir-type gifts commonly given to press affair attendees are generally acceptable.
• BTN Europe editorial staff should not accept money or more lavish gifts.
• BTN Europe editorial staff may accept sample products if they assist in the journalist's understanding of the product or article subject, but should be returned or donated.
• BTN Europe editorial staff should not accept payment of travel expenses incurred in the course of performing editorial duties from any source other than their employer.
• BTN Europe editorial staff may only accept complimentary travel or accommodation in order to attend, for example, an industry event, conference, group press trip, or speaking engagement. Such hospitality should be declared in any associated editorial reporting of the occasion.

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