Published: 21 April 2022

Covid-19 swept across the world more than two years ago and changed the way we live, work and travel irrevocably. Right now, the business travel industry is finding its feet and adapting to a new environment in which the purpose of every trip is scrutinised and where opinion is firmly divided on when – and even if – 2019 travel volumes will ever return. This report revisits how the pandemic unfolded for our industry but, more importantly, considers the evolving role of the travel manager, identifies new travel policies and procedures, and examines three corporates’ approach to rebooting business travel.

Branching out

Travel managers' evolving role: Travel managers have become the ultimate multitaskers, adding new skills over the last two years as their profile within companies has risen

Now and then

Travel policy: The way corporates view and manage business travel is changing but how is that manifesting in new-look travel policies and procedures?

Numbers up

Databank: The numbers that plots business travel’s tumultuous path through the pandemic – and forecasts of its potential future recovery

From pandemic to endemic

How the pandemic has played out: a Q&A with Dr Adrian Hyzler, chief medical officer, Healix International

Size matters

TMCs in the spotlight: Agencies report stiff competition for talent as they adjust their workforces to serve growing travel volumes

Signs of the times

Booking volumes are the surest sign of the industry’s current state but other metrics add an alternative dimension to the recovery story

Pandemic prompts SMART travel reset

Case study: Sammit Khanndeparkar, global travel and expense manager at Astellas, explains how the pandemic prompted a new, SMART approach to travel