Welcome to the Business Travel News Academy – the managed travel industry’s only on-demand learning destination for anyone who touches business travel. This free, self-guided education series was developed for all expertise levels providing foundational knowledge for those new to the business and more granular topics for seasoned veterans looking to strengthen their skill set. Watch our seven-minute intro video, then choose the topics relevant to you.

BTN will roll out 14 Smart Learning Courses throughout the year. The courses are comprehensive but are broken into sections that allow you to take breaks and return when you are ready to tackle more. Quizzes will test your knowledge – and you’ll earn a completion certificate for each course. Most importantly, you’ll know more. Enroll now!

Learning Starts Here

This orientation video walks users through the Business Travel News Academy platform to help optimise the user’s learning experience. (Required for all users before proceeding to other courses)

Structuring a Managed Travel Program

This course defines travel management stakeholders and guides users through the process of setting strategic goals that align with an organisation’s culture. It offers an overview of travel program types that scale to organisational priorities. (4 quizzes)

Establishing a T&E Policy

This lesson guides users through the considerations required to create or revise a travel and entertainment policy. From defining and enabling program compliance to considering how the company should structure air, hotel and ground transport policies, as well as elements like loyalty program usage and personal travel extensions. (4 quizzes)

Selecting a Travel Management Company

Best practices in sourcing and selecting a travel management company – a critical partner for many travel programs that needs to align with organisational culture and goals. Learn about services offered, operating structures, commercial models and how the TMC connects other key players in the managed travel ecosystem. (5 quizzes)

Selecting an Online Booking Tool

Online booking tools for business travel are more numerous and sophisticated than ever. Learn the purpose, functionalities, benefits and weaknesses of online booking tools and how to vet and select based on the scope and priorities of the program. Learn the nuances of buying direct from the tech provider, from a TMC reseller or working with a TMC's native booking tool. (3 quizzes)

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Selecting a Travel Payment Provider

Payment isn’t always the travel manager’s responsibility. Even if not, travel managers should understand payment products and how they operate in the travel program to reduce friction, influence compliance levels and deliver quality data for strategic decision-making. (4 quizzes)

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