New Horizons – the ultimate guide to sourcing business travel

Published: 24 March 2022

Appointing preferred suppliers and negotiating corporate rates has taken on a whole new dimension in 2022. Few organisations have any meaningful data fresher than 2019 activity and many do not even have a real grasp of their anticipated business travel volumes in 2022, let alone further ahead. This report examines current sourcing trends and preferences and will equip travel managers and procurement teams with the insight and advice they need to prepare for working with travel partners in a very different landscape – from securing airline deals in the absence of recent data and the continuous sourcing approach to accommodation, to selecting a TMC and negotiating with car rental providers in what are currently very challenging circumstances. New horizons have arrived and we're here to help you navigate them. Click on the features below to find out more.

New challenges

Databank: As business travel begins a long-awaited recovery, we surveyed buyers about the categories they’re most likely to be sourcing afresh or renegotiating in 2022 – and how they go about it

Clearing the air

Sourcing air travel: Securing new corporate airline deals is not as straightforward as perhaps it once was, writes Amon Cohen, who assesses the challenge

Seat belts fastened?

Sourcing air travel - essential advice: Take this information onboard before preparing your air programme for take off

The perfect partner

Selecting a TMC: Ensuring you have the right TMC in place for your organisation’s particular needs provides the foundations for a successful travel programme, writes Mark Frary

Getting it right

Selecting a TMC - essential advice: The key considerations to help ensure your TMC tender runs smoothly and effectively

Continuous considerations

Sourcing accommodation: Hotel rates could be on something of a rollercoaster in 2022 and buyers will have to be on their toes to ensure they are not caught out by rising prices, writes Rob Gill

Rooms to manoeuvre

Sourcing accommodation - essential advice: Check-in for indispensable advice on securing optimal room rates

Bumps in the road

Sourcing car rental: The sector’s current challenges are likely to continue causing headaches for travel managers and suppliers alike for the foreseeable future, writes Molly Dyson

Driving a deal

Sourcing car rental - essential advice: The tips and tricks to ensure your car rental requirements tick over smoothly

All aboard?

Sourcing rail travel: As Europe begins to emerge from the pandemic with a sense of what it means to ‘live with Covid’, the push for sustainability will accelerate, writes Molly Dyson, but is rail travel the answer, and at what cost?